Emily-Melendes (2)

Special quest, Emily Melendes will play the harp for our Christmas eve service.  To learn more see the Events Page


We live in a time of uncertainty and change. In addition, many of us are going through challenges in our personal lives: physical or emotional health, careers, relationships, finances. For many of us, the religion in which we were brought up no longer fits our lives. So, we search for something that does. We may read books and seek out spiritual teachers. For many of us, the Law of Attraction makes sense: “Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.”

Unity Churches offer people a safe place to explore their own spirituality and practical guidelines. Unity is best known for The Daily Word and the Silent Unity Prayer hotline. Unity is a Christian denomination with a New Thought / Law of Attraction emphasis.

Like many traditional churches, Unity Church in Milwaukee has a Sunday service that includes music, prayer, and a lesson.  After the service, we have a coffee hour where we connect with each other and often chat about our own spiritual journeys.

Please join us on Sunday for service at 10am

Our Vision Statement

To practice daily Jesus’ teaching of compassion and non-judgment.  We emphasis the practical application of spiritual principles to make your life richer, healthier and more peaceful.