Ionic Air Purifiers – What They Are & How They Work

Ionic air purifiers consist of electrically charged quartz plates which have been coated with a negatively charged wire (for absorbing electrons). The negatively charged wire attracts negatively charged charged particles, ions, airborne air particles, to it’s surface. The plates are usually mounted on some sort of frame (for keeping the plates clean, or for mounting. The ionic air purifiers works best when the antennae are shaped to conduct ion rather than particles in, and in series with (or on top of) the plates, rather than by being in line with the plates where most particles enter.

Ionic air purifiers are an advantage to other, electrically powered purifiers because the electrical charge will not interfere with the emitters, which will do the job the other purifiers did, blowing air to clean the air. The Ionic air purifiers will clean airborne air of the tiny, airborne particles, more thoroughly than other types of air purifiers. They are also quite cheap to keep running.

The ionic air purifiers are effective against particles by blocking the flow of air through the plates, the plates are charged with enough positive ions for air to flow though magnetically; bunching together a collection of charged ions, and this is what traps the particles. The particles will be death to the brain but they will not damage the cells.

Ionic air purifiers are very efficient at cleaning the air around the home or room

In areas where smoking is lens, or where the cats or dogs have been and gone, or where people with allergies love to hang out most of the year, there are models available for individuals with severe medical problems, or who enjoy frequent outdoor activity.

The ionic air purifiers are also great for asthmatics and persons with allergies. They are sold in a variety of models including home purifiers, that you place in a central spot in the home, or room, like the main living room. Upgrades are available for the rooms in the home, the outdoor units will cover the whole house.

An toward toefficiency, The Ionic Air purifiers give a better purification of the air, but do not remove as many airborne allergens and particles. This is where they struggle.

A home purifier model that acts like a furnace, will work most effectively because a furnace will run most efficiently, and the biggest cost of buying a furnace is the electricity that it takes to run it. This is the area where the ionic air purifiers have a head start.

When buying a new ionic air purifier, you should do some reading about air purifiers, to make sure that it will be an effective unit for your needs. There are many models using the HEPA filters, which do not catch nearly as many allergens and particles as the more common HEPA filters.

Many Ionizers will not clean very well, but those made by True HEPA do an excellent job and save money by using a much less expensive filters. Health is the most important aspect of a home air purifier.

Do more reading about ionic air purifiers at the True HEPA web site.