Why Use An Air Filter

Air Filters

Air filters are used to remove harmful contaminants from the air and protect residents from any allergic reactions, asthma, or intransSchism. By knowing the different types of air filters available, you will be able to choose the air filter which will suit your needs.

Electrostatic Filters

airports that have a higher level of transpiration are the ones that use static filters. This type of filter removes air pollutants by drawing in airborne particles through a static electrical charge created by air passing over a series of collectors.

Remove particles by passing it through ahest unions which will be charged throughout the length of the collector. After removing the pollutants, it will be returned to the air stream.

Mechanical Filters

Air filters are able to remove fine particles which are as large as 1 micron. Particles are collected on collectors which are located on the sides of the fuel flow.

Gas Phase Filters

This type of filter can remove gaseous pollutants. There are four types of gas phase filters used to remove gaseous pollutants.

These filters include:

Reverse Osmosis Filtration

Combination system involves a filter system which is also known as absorption-discharge filter.

This system does not use a mechanical filter and it has higher production efficiency, but it has a lower purification. Therefore, this type of filtration improves your house.

Carbon Lithium Air Purifiers

Essentially, carbon lithium air purifiers purify air through ultraviolet light.

The Purifying power was developed by adding titanium dioxide to reverse-osmosis pure water. When the titanium dibloride salt combines in the presence of carbon lithium, it opens hydrogen ions and free radicalic ions that increase the rate of pollutant absorption.

People can install carbon lithium purifiers in a number of ways. Choose the way that you want to. You must keep in mind that installing carbon lithium purifier in home- afterwards will not only make you feel better, but makes your air cleaner too.

It is still highly advised to install carbon lithium purifiers in home.

Biocatalytic air purifiers

Cadmium metal filters

Brita air filters

The purifiers are static.

They use charged plates to remove particles

They can be a little noisy.

They do not eliminate gaseous pollutants.

They require annual replacement of batteries.